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CALL: For Online Submission for Abstracts Open.The 13th Biennial

Call for Abstracts – Online Submission for Abstracts Open
Submission of abstracts for presentation of papers, posters, videos or panel sessions for IASC 2011 is now open through the online submission process. The Conference addresses both physical common resources such as Forests, Grazing resources, Protected Areas, Water Resources, Fisheries, Coastal Commons, Lagoon Commons, Irrigation Systems, Livestock as well as New Commons such as Information Commons, Cultural Commons, Genetic Resources, Patents, Climate, etc. Papers may address theory, policy, practical work, empirical research or other aspects of Commons under the sub-themes listed below.

* The Commons, Poverty and Social Exclusion;
* Governance of the Commons: Decentralization, Property Rights, Legal Framework, Structure and Organization;
* The Commons: Theory, Analytics and Data;
* Globalisation, Commercialisation and the Commons;
* Managing the Global Commons: Climate Change and other Challenges;
* Managing Complex Commons (Lagoons, Protected Areas, Wetlands,
Mountain Areas, Rangelands, Coastal Commons);
* New Commons (Digital Commons, Genetic Commons, Patents, Music, Literature etc);

For details, visit http://iasc2011. or write to us at

To start the process of abstract submission, visit:
http://iasc2011. conference/ index.php/ IASC/IASC/ login

Submission of Paper, Video and Poster abstracts[1]

Making an online submission would require the author/s to follow the online submission system. All submissions must include the mandatory information as indicated in the online format. Should you face any specific problem related to the online submission process, do let us know at iasc2011@fes. Guidance on full paper, poster and video submission will be provided to authors on acceptance of abstracts.

For assistance on the submission process, visit: http://iasc2011. pages/view/submissionguidelines

Submission of Panel abstracts

Panel sessions
We encourage the submission of proposals for organizing panels focused on a specific theme or topic. A panel session may have 4-5 papers focused on a central theme. A total time of about an hour and a half is allocated to each panel presentation. It is up to the organizer of the panel to determine how to fill those hours (in terms of number of speakers, etc.). However, time for questions from the audience and discussion needs to be considered.

A panel submission would need an identified organizer/coordinat or, an abstract summarizing the aims of the panel session and how each paper will contribute to the overall aim (abstracts should be a maximum of 500 words and include names and affiliations of the organizer and individual presenters), planned outcomes (if any) and additional abstracts for each paper to be presented within the proposed panel (using the template form as described above).

Individual abstracts in each panel session would be reviewed in the same way as other abstracts. It would be helpful if all the abstracts came through the panel organizer, so it is clear that they are intended to fit together as a group. The online submission system has provisions to add abstracts and its individual details to a single panel abstract submission.

Workshops, Symposia, Pre-Conference Workshops

We encourage a range of alternative activities such as workshops, symposia and pre-conference workshops as part of/build up to the Conference. Please note that the proposals for organizing workshops, symposia and pre-conference workshops would need to be presented as abstracts (of maximum 500 words) outlining the ideas and/or aims and emailed directly to iasc2011@fes.


* Call for Abstracts: December 14, 2009
* Abstract Submissions: February 1, 2010 to March 31, 2010 – Open Now
* Abstract Selections: May 31, 2010
* Early Registration: September 30, 2010
* Complete Paper Submissions: October 31, 2010

Jagdeesh Rao Puppala, Conference Co-Chair
Foundation for Ecological Security
PB No. 29, Anand – 388001, India
Tel: (+91) 2692-261402 / 261238 / 261239
Website: http://iasc2011.

[1] Submission of abstracts is open to all and not restricted to members of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC).

Please visit our website regularly for updated information on IASC activities at:


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