Posted by: Hendra Siry | 27 February, 2010

Indonesia Calls For Environment Accords To Be Legally Binding

Indonesia said on Tuesday that accords resulted from environment forums must be legally binding as they are important to be obeyed by countries. “We need a firm cooperation and legal binding on accords resulted from environment forums. We had a legal attachment in Kyoto Protocol as it mentioned that even though there was no sanction, countries were attached by obligations,” Liana Bratasida, the Assistant Minister of Environment for Global Environmental Affairs and International Cooperation told reporters.

She said that there should be two tracks of negotiation for accords that are not legally binding, citing example of Copenhagen Accord in December 2009. “Take good things from Copenhagen Accord, and bind it legally in the Long Term Cooperative Action (LCA),” she said. Liana added that even though the legally binding accord may not be reached at climate change forum in Mexico next November, developed countries must be bound on financing they have pledged.

“Financing pledged by developed countries should be legally bound because that is the most important for us,” said Liana. She said developed countries should keep their promise in providing the money. “There should be a direct access. Don’t bind developing countries with tight conditions. Committed developing countries must get priority,” said Liana.

While recognizing problems of climate change, the Copenhagen Accord, released last December, contained no legally binding emission reduction goals and was not formally adopted by participating countries. The Copenhagen Accord was the result of the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). For full details on (GLENE) GLENE. (GLENE) has Short Term PowerRatings at TradingMarkets. Details on (GLENE) Short Term PowerRatings is available at This Link.

Source: Xinhua – February 23, 2010


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