Posted by: Hendra Siry | 13 August, 2009

The Tropical Marine Ecology Special Training Course (MEST-2009)

The Tropical Marine Ecology Special Training Course (MEST-2009) is a training program for undergraduate and graduated students, who want to enrich their skills and knowledge in tropical marine ecology. This program started 2005. This international teaching program is supported by Center for Coral Reef Research (CCRR) Hasanuddin University, Center for Marine Tropical Bremen (ZMT), Alfred Wegner Institute (AWI), UFT Bremen and AWI Sylt of Germany, The MEST-2009 has following goals:
1. To train students in tropical marine ecology & marine socio-ecology linkage with international teaching standard.
2. To train students in marine ecology & marine socio-ecology research methodology.


In the MEST-2009, the students will have theoretical classes and laboratory and field practical. Only for field practical,
the MEST will provide laboratory expenses as well as housing and transport.

Tentatively there will be 25 class modules and 1 weeks of field trip in the course with the topics of:

1. Ocean Dynamic & Ecosystem Interaction
2. Ocean Systems
3. Plankton Ecology & Productivity
4. Coral Reefs Ecosystem & Associated Biota
5. Seagrass Ecosystem and Macroalgae
6. Mangrove Ecosystem & Rehabilitation
7. Reef Fish Bio-ecology
8. Taxonomy of Coral, Fish, Invertebrate, Seagrass & Macrophyte.
9. Marine Resources Planning and Management
10. Socioecologycal system (SES)
11. Scientific Diving
12. Scientific Writing & proposal development


All course lectures will be held at UNHAS, and field trip, as well as Scientific Diving in Barrang Lompo Island.
Lecturers are from Unhas, IPB Bogor, UNRI, UnSoed, DKP, Germany and others. The class will be conducted in


The MEST 2009 are open to students who interested to do further studies in tropical marine ecology, young scientist
and interested participants. Number of participants is limited to 20 students.


The expected outcome is fully qualified graduates in tropical marine ecology assessment.


The registration fee and modules charged is Rp 500.000. Fee is transferred to:

Bank BNI Makassar. Account No. 0065682862
(Pusat Penelitian Terumbu Karang Unhas).

Please notify that boarding and lodging are not included.


Language : English
Tentative duration:
September 28th –October 30th 2009
Evaluation : 3 times
Graduation : International Certificate after examination
Candidate selection: By the time of enrolment, candidates will be interviewed and selected by a committee. Application form & CVfrom participants as well as good
English in speaking and writing is recommended.


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