Posted by: Hendra Siry | 20 May, 2009

Ocean Polluters Should Compensate Damage: Indonesian Observer

Ocean polluters should compensate damage that they have done to improve sea condition, an Indonesia’s former minister said on Tuesday. “There are several elements in oceans, namely acidity level, biological and chemical elements among others that support sea life. They should be in balance. That’s why development should not sacrifice the balance,”the former Indonesian Environment Minister Emil Salim told reporters in the sideline of the World Ocean Conference.

According to him, the evaluation on oceans is conducted by the environmental effect analysis. “By the evaluation, projects should obey the law requirement. The projects should pay if the analysis show that they imbalance the ocean elements,” said Salim.

Asked if the projects would prefer to pay rather than obey the regulation, Salim said that every time they violate the requirement, they must continue to pay and maintain the environment.

“That would be very expensive so they have no choice other than obey the rules,” he said. Salim said that Germany has implemented the rules. “You see, Seine River is so clean due to the rules and of course its nearby people’s consciousness,” he said. He added that the environmental protection would be very helpful for fishermen, people who suffered the most from the damage.

According to Salim, fishermen only have eight months to make livelihoods from ocean because the rest of four months is wind season. “That’s why their working place should be preserved. Rising sea level and coral bleaching that send fishes away would be their biggest threat,” he said.
Source:  Xinhua, May 12, 2009


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