Posted by: Hendra Siry | 15 February, 2009

An Indonesian Journey on ABC Radio National

From Saturday 14 February, at 2pm, ABC Radio National will commence broadcast of an ABC/BBC World Service co-production entitled An Indonesian Journey: Diversity & Democracy.  If you are able to circulate this information to anyone you think might find the series of interest, that would be greatly appreciated.


Travel with ABC Radio National and the BBC World Service to Indonesia for a four-part series about the challenges facing its people of Indonesia, the world’s largest and most diverse archipelago.  An Indonesian Journey: Democracy and Diversity will feature in 360, ABC Radio National’s new features and documentary program, from Saturday 14 February at 2pm (repeat Wednesday 1pm).

Producers Anita Barraud (Radio National) and Neil Trevithick (BBC World Service) visit Jakarta, Aceh, West Timor and Bali to speak with Indonesians whose lives are as multi-faceted and varied as the cultures of the nation.

On-location sights and sounds provide a rich atmospheric dimension to discussions — including Indonesia’s place in the world, the impact of natural disaster, globalisation, democracy and the nation’s preparation for the upcoming election.

The four episodes featured in 360 include:

Jakarta (Saturday 14 February, 2pm) – Anita Barraud travels across the city from north to south, talks with the city’s young people, looks at fashion Muslim style and walks through rubble that was once home to over a thousand families.

Aceh (Saturday 21 February, 2pm) – Over too many cups of Aceh’s famous thick black coffee, the discussion is about peace and democracy in a province that has endured both a dictatorship and a long-running war as well as the devastating Boxing Day tsunami.

West Timor (Saturday 28 February, 2pm) – In the poorest region of Indonesia, Anita Barraud discovers levels of malnutrition that rival parts of sub-Saharan Africa. She talks local politics with farmers and discusses ancient clan ties with the descendant of a king.

Bali (Saturday 7 March, 2pm) –Tourists see Bali a slice of tropical paradise, but here the Balinese talk about what affects their lives: tourism, globalisation, the impact of the bombings, and how Indonesia’s transition to democracy has changed local politics, the economy and the island’s culture.

All episodes of An Indonesian Journey: Democracy and Diversity will be available as audio on demand and to podcast at following their weekly broadcast. Podcasts are available for four weeks from the first date of broadcast.

For further information or to arrange an interview please contact Nicola Fern, Marketing Manager ABC Radio National on (03) 9626 1758 or 0418 494 252, email

Source: Email Nicola Fern (ABC Radio National) to Indonesian Study Group


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