Posted by: Hendra Siry | 11 February, 2009

RI – Australia Campaigning Against Illegal Fishing

Indonesia and Australia have launched a joint campaign against illegal fishing among fishery groups here in February 9-10. Australian ambassador to Indonesia, Bill Farmer, said here on Tuesday that the campaign was an important part of the two countries’ joint efforts to assure sustainability of fishery resources in the two sides of the border. He said illegal fishing was the two countries’ common problem for which cooperation was needed with regard to finding a practical solution of the problem.

Indonesia as well as Australia, he said, had suffered because of illegal fishing activities by foreign citizens. In view of that the two countries had been determined to eradicate the activity that could destroy the fish stocks on which many people relied their life upon. He said his visit to Makassar in Sulawesi was part of the cooperation effort to advance sustainable fishery development.

The two-day visit was led by representatives from the Indonesia ministries of fishery and marine resources and agriculture and the Australian ministry of fishery and forestry.

The activity was part of campaign to improve the awareness of the Indonesiah fishermen on the impact of illegal fishing in the Australian waters. The joint campaign efforts were also aimed at helping the fisher community to understand how to manage their activity so that it would be in line with the regulations. “Illegal fishing is risky with regard to conservation, environment, quarantine and security for both Indonesia and Australia,” he said. The visit was also highlighted by discussions with fishery community members and local communities and government leaders. ( ant )

Source: Berita Sore – February 11, 2009, Makassar


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