Posted by: Hendra Siry | 22 January, 2009

Master of Marine Affairs (MMA) programme of COMI and scholarships

As a 2-year postgraduate progamme conducted by COMI with English as the teaching language, the MMA programme is designed in the study of the complex issues of coastal and ocean management and governance and aims at the development of abilities on analyzing and solving management and policy problems at local, regional, national, and international levels. As an interdisciplinary postgraduate programme, MMA has an excellent faculty team with professors in the fields of oceanography, environmental science, management science, environmental and resources economics, political and law, public administration and so on. Three research directions of the MMA programme: Marine Policy and Law; Marine Economics, and; Ocean and Coastal Managemnt.

The entry requirements for MMA programme are as following:
1. Prospective students should have a non-Chinese passport and be in good health;

2. Academic requirements: Prospective students must hold a recognized bachelor’s degree or above, or equivalent for any background in natural science, social science and economics etc.

3. English proficiency: Minimum requirement is 80 points or above for TOEFL, a grade 6 or above for IELTS, or other certificate of English proficiency from an approved authority. Native English speakers are exempt from this requirement, other candidates whose university courses are taught in English will be considered case by case.

4. Professional backgrounds: Prospective students who are able to show relevant professional experience deemed appropriate to the programme applied for will be given prior consideration.

All the candidates could apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship ( which covers all the tuition and fees and also provide living allowance; or Xiamen University Scholarship which covers tuition fee. For more details about the scholarship, please check the attachment of this email.

The application to Chinese Government Scholarship is not very difficult if you meet all the requirements as mentioned above, you may see that all the oversea students of MMA2008 have got the scholarship. We can not promise that all the candidates will successefully get the Chinese Government Scholarship, but we will try our best to offer our help.

Source: Email from Phoebe Ye, Secretary, Coastal and Ocean Management Institute (COMI), Xiamen University
Xiamen, Fujian 361005, P. R. China



  1. Iam a B.Sc holder in Geography and Meteorology from Nigerian University.I ill so much Appreciate your Organisation if only you do me this favour, by directing me on how to get this scholarship on Masters Of Marine Affairs.
    Humphrey Okezie O.

  2. I am a marine engineer holding certificate of competency class-1 from singapore. I like to get an opportunity for the scolarship on masters of marine affairs in your organisation.please direct me on this regards. your kind cosideration will be highly appreciated.

    Md Abu Zafar

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