Posted by: Hendra Siry | 25 December, 2008

Sale of Turtle Eggs in West Sumatra on the Rise

The sale of turtle eggs in West Sumatra has increased, compared to four years ago. Until October this year, some 366.213 turtle eggs have been reportedly sold freely at Muara Padang beach resort areas. According to Harfiandri Damanhuri, Turtle Information Center chief at the Bung Hatta University in Padang, his research for the last four years has indicated an increase in the sale of turtle eggs in West Sumatra. The research was conducted by monitoring activities at the local market of Muara Padang, a major turtle eggs trading area.

In 2004, traders could sell 28 eggs per day in average. Today, one vendor sells 77 eggs a day. This year, we estimate that around 366.213 turtle eggs have been sold, Harfiandri said yesterday. Harfiandri blames the West Sumatra Maritime and Fishery Office for not being serious enough in protecting the turtles. Yet, the 2007 Fishery Law clearly bans the trade of turtles and their eggs. “Turtles are one of the protected animals,” he added. According to Harfiandri, the turtle egg market in Padang is very open, transforming West Sumatra into a popular tourism destination. “That is why people crowd here to buy turtle eggs,” he said, warning that if this continues, turtles would be extinct in a matter of years.

The Muara Padang beach has long been the market for raw and cooked turtle eggs. The local administration has made very little effort to stop this activity. National and international tourists are often invited to taste the turtle eggs which cost about Rp 4.000- Rp 5.000 each. The turtle eggs are normally taken from islands off the coast of West Sumatra, such as the islands of Penyu and Katuang katuang (meaning turtle in the local dialect), or from the beaches of Padang, Pariaman and Pasaman.
Source: TEMPO Interactive  November 4, 2008
By. Febrianti, Padang



  1. Terima Kasih banyak sekali anda memuat berita penyu dalam bahasa ingris, saya sangat senang berkenalan danbeshabat dengan nada
    salam kompak

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