Posted by: Hendra Siry | 6 December, 2008

Garbage piling up at Bali`s Kuta beach

Denpasar (ANTARA News) – After having been littered with tons of dead fish, Kuta beach in Bali is now being polluted by garbage brought there by sea waves including non-degradable plastic trash and animal remains.

“No mor dead fishes are to be found there but they have been replaced by garbage” said I Gusti Ngurah Tresna, chief of the Kuta beach task force.

He said the phenomena recur during a period locals call “western wind season” before December.

“The climate has begun to change and western winds are now coming, bringing garbage from the sea to the shore,” Trensa said.

The task force chief noted that the garbage has been piling up for five days on the beach. Some 20 trucks were being deployed to clean up the area.

“Everyday we, helped by local hawkers, collect the garbage and place them in the southern area near the cemetery to be taken by Badung sanitary workers,” he said.

The garbage would be piling up in December, Tresna said, adding that last year its volume reached 1,000 truckloads.

The garbage may disturb tourism activities on Kuta beach. Besides bad weather, many tourists had canceled their intention to sunbathe and swim on the beach due to the garbage piles.

“We continuously inform the tourists about this annual happening to prevent misperception about Kuta beach,” Tresna said.

In the future, he expected that not only the task force and the government but also tourism businesspeople would be involved in the handling of the garbage. (*)


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