Posted by: Hendra Siry | 28 October, 2008

Info: Yayasan Alam Indonesia Lestari (LINI)

Yayasan Alam Indonesia Lestari (LINI) is a local Indonesian not-for-profit organization, established in January 2008. The staff of LINI originally worked for the Marine Aquarium Council (MAC), which has pioneered sustainable marine aquarium fisheries management in Indonesia since 2003. While MAC International now focuses purely on certification, LINI continues to encourage the marine aquarium industry to adopt the MAC standards and implement ‘best practices’ towards eventual certification. To date, fish collectors’ groups in Bali, west Java, Sumatra and South Sulawesi, have been trained in the use of non-destructive collection and post-harvest handling methods.

LINI’s mission is to support the conservation and management of coastal marine resources throughout Indonesia, by empowering coastal communities, and promoting fairer, more sustainable practices of marine resource use. As a local organization, LINI has more freedom to work within Indonesia, and has the advantage of experience and cultural awareness when gaining the trust of the local communities. This allows efficient delivery of training, using methods appropriate to the abilities and needs of the various target audiences. LINI is also helping the Indonesian government in policy development, coastal zone management, and community-based aquaculture and coral propagation for reef restoration.

For more information visit LINI website at



  1. Atas teman-teman dari yayasan Alam Indonesia Lestari (LINI) kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada da Boy.

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