Posted by: Hendra Siry | 20 June, 2008

About 34.42 pct of Bali`s coral reefs damaged

Denpasar (ANTARA News) – About 34.41 percent of Bali`s coral reefs spreading over an area of 65.08 square kilometers has been destroyed or damaged, Bali Governor Dewa Beratha said.

“Besides, 27.38 percent of coral reef wealth has died,” the governor said in a written address read out by an assistant to the Bali Provincial Government`s Secretary, Dewa Nyoman, at a meeting on fish production here on Thursday.

He said with 34.41 percent of Bal`s coral reefs damaged and 27.38 percent dead, Bali now only had 24.22 square kilometers of coral reefs which were still in good condition.

The governor said besides dying a natural death, the coral reefs were also damaged by destructive fish-catching methods applied by local fishermen.

“In order to develop Bali`s coral reefs, the local government and people have since 1990 been carrying out coral reef rehabilitation and management programs,” the governor said.


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