Posted by: Hendra Siry | 1 June, 2008

RI First Lady awarded UN environment award

Antara ,  Jakarta   |  Fri, 05/30/2008 3:42 PM  |  National

First Lady Kristiani Herrawati Bambang Yudhoyono was awarded a United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) award for her efforts in encouraging Indonesian women to plant 1 million trees simultaneously across the country.

“The UNEP award for the First Lady was handed over to me as environment minister and I will pass it on to her at the World Environment Day commemoration on June 5,” Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar said Friday.

Witoelar said the UNEP award was awarded as a token of appreciation for Kristiani’s success in mobilizing Indonesian women to plant 1 million trees across the country.

The initiative to get the Indonesian women’s movement to simultaneously plant a million trees on December 1, 2007 was deemed by UNEP as a significant environmental achievement.

“The movement was highly appreciated by UNEP,” Witoelar said, adding that Forestry Minister MS Kaban had also been recognized for his 79 million tree-planting program.

Witoelar said that in addition to Indonesia, nine other countries also received recognition from UNEP for their efforts to overcome the effects of climate change. (*)


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