Posted by: Hendra Siry | 7 May, 2008

RMAP Argument – Are Marine Parks a Waste of Space?

Panel: Prof Karen Edyvane, Dr Richard Kenchington, Prof Roger Bradbury and Dr Pascal Perez

Thursday, May 15 2008, 4.30 pm -6pm followed by refreshments

Innovations Building Lecture Theatre,
Marine parks – do they help or hinder coastal ecosystems cope with the problems of overfishing, pollution and other threats? The issue is not simple and the answer may be elusive. But most agree the threats are real. And coastal ecosystems continue to decline. Perhaps parks are good ideas that are poorly realised; perhaps there are just too few parks to make a difference; but perhaps parks are just plain bad ideas. Join the debate.

Biographical data

Prof Karen Edyvane (Marine Biodiversity Branch of the NT Department of Natural Resources) Karen Edyvane is a marine habitat ecologist with specialist expertise and experience in the design and implementation of Marine Park systems and marine biodiversity conservation planning and management. 

Dr Richard Kenchington (Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security, University of Wollongong) Richard is a marine ecologist and currently a consultant in policy and management of coral reefs, ocean and tropical coastal ecosystems, marine resource sustainability and holds the Chair of the International Coral Reef Action Network. 

Prof Roger Bradbury (Resource Management in Asia-Pacific Program, ANU) He has a background in the modelling and analysis of ecosystems, and is currently particularly interested in the complex interaction between ecosystems and socioeconomic systems.

Dr Pascal Perez (Resource Mangement in Asia-Pacific Program, ANU) Pascal is a specialist in Integrative Social Simulation, using Multi-Agent Systems technologies to explore complex and adaptive systems. He is the co-Convenor of the Agent Based Modelling Theme within the ARC funded, COSNet Network of Excellence. He is also Co-Chair of the Modelling and Decision Support Working Group within the Global Coral Reef Targeted Project (CRTR, World Bank).

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