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United Nations – Nippon Foundation Fellowship

The United Nations – The Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme

Human Resources Development and Advancement of the Legal Order of the World’s Oceans

2009-2010 Fellowship application forms are now available for download
The Application Deadline for the 2009-2010 Session is 15 August 2008


Candidates wishing to be considered for a Fellowship award must ensure that they meet all the following criteria:

  • You must be between the ages of 25 and 35;
  • You must have successfully completed a first university degree, and demonstrate a capacity to undertake independent advanced academic research and study;
  • You must be a mid-level administrator from a national government organ of a developing coastal State, or another government related agency in such a State, which deals directly with ocean affairs issues, and your professional position must allow you to directly assist your nation in the formulation and/or implementation of policy in this area. This includes marine sciences and the science-policy linkage. Your “Nomination and Recommendation Form” should be completed by a Government official who can attest to the nature of your work with respect to the Government’s ocean affairs and law of the sea related activities, and indicate how an Award would directly contribute to these activities; and
  • Your proposed research and study programme must contribute directly to your nation’s formulation and/or implementation of ocean affairs and law of the sea policies and programmes.

Satisfaction of the above criteria must be clearly demonstrated by the candidate through the application forms and confirmed by a nominating authority.


The Fellowship application package consists of the following three forms:

1. The Personal History and Proposed Research/Study Programme Form

This Form must be completed by the candidate, either typewritten or word processed. Each question must be answered clearly and completely in order to ensure that the application will be processed. While completing this form, candidates should pay particular attention to sections 18, 19 and 20. If necessary, candidates may attach no more than one additional page of the same size. Candidates should refer to the list of participating host institutions while completing sections 21 and 23.

–> Once this form is completed, it must be submitted by the candidate to the Nominating Authority along with:

2. The Nomination and Recommendation Form

This form must be completed and signed by a responsible official of the nominating Government.

–> Once completed, the Nominating Authority must forward directly to DOALOS both the “Nomination and Recommendation Form” and the completed “Personal History and Proposed Research/Study Programme Form”.
3. United Nations Medical Clearance: The UN Medical Form

Fellows must be “medically cleared” by the United Nations Medical Service before their award is processed. It is thus very important that all applicants ensure that the UN Medical Form is duly completed by a physician and submitted, including the required supporting documentation, to DOALOS by the deadline. The UN Medical Form must be completed by a physician no more than four (4) months prior to the effective date of the award, and all costs related to the medical examinations are to be borne by the candidates.

Note that the results of the laboratory tests preformed under the “Laboratory” section of this form must not only be entered in the form, but the original laboratory results (reports) must also be submitted with the form, along with the X-ray film. Incomplete UN Medical Forms, including the omission of original laboratory results and x-rays, will cause delays in the processing of your application and may result in disqualification.

–> Candidates must forward directly to DOALOS their completed UN Medical Form, along with the original laboratory reports and x-ray film.

Application Process Summary

Step 1: Candidate to complete “Personal History and Proposed Research/Study Programme Form” and forward it to Nominating Authority along with the “Nomination and Recommendation Form.”

Step 2: Nominating Authority to complete “Nomination and Recommendation Form” and forward it, along with completed “Personal History and Proposed Research/Study Programme Form,” to DOALOS (preferably through the State’s Mission to the United Nations in New York).

In parallel to Step 1 and 2: Candidate to have physician complete UN Medical Form and forward directly to DOALOS with requisite enclosures.


Complete applications must be received by DOALOS not later than 15 August 2008. DOALOS reserves the right not to process incomplete and/or late submissions.

Advanced copies of applications may be faxed to DOALOS, however, in order for applications to be considered complete, all originals and attachments must received by DOALOS by 15 August 2008. Applications should be sent to:

The United Nations – The Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme Advisor
Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea
Office of Legal Affairs
United Nations
Room DC2-0450
New York, N.Y. 10017
Fax: +1-212-963-5847


The decision to Award a Fellowship is made by the Fellowship Selection Committee, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Technical Cooperation Agreement which establishes the Fellowship Programme, and guided by the “Fellowship Selection Criteria” applied by the United Nations System Organizations. 10 fellowships will be awarded per annum, and successful candidates will be notified by DOALOS. The results will also be posted on the Fellowship website.

Please note that Awards are conditional on the fulfilment of all Fellowship requirements including, inter alia, obtaining United Nations Medical Clearance, Host Institution Placement Confirmation, and the Necessary Visa(s).

Source: UNFFF Homepage



  1. Kami berminat atas program saudara. Bilamana kami diperkenankan kami siap bergabung.

    Demikian kami ucapkan terimakasih


    Salam hormat persahabatan
    Kontak person kami

    TELP 0355-7734597
    HP 081-74131447

  2. Bung Adam Heru,

    Terima kasih atas kunjungan dan komentarnya. Jika ingin mengikuti fellowship yang dimaksud, silahkan tindaklanjuti informasi yang saya paparkan di blog saya.

    Terima kasih.

  3. saya ingin mengikuti fellowship, tapi saya belum ada pormat untuk bisa mendaftar. saya mintak untuk mengirim saya pormat untuk bisa mendaftar

  4. Dear Sir

    I am a Maritime Lawyer from India, with 9 years of experience as a lawyer. I quit active commercial practice and started working for the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) India as a full time Maritime Legal Consultant. Though I am not an employee of the Government of India, I am working with and for them. I am extremely keen in pursuing an LLM in Maritime Law, with financial Aid, from IMLI or any other world renowned institution, where your organization can fun my academics. Please advice me on the following:
    (a) Will I be eligible to avail your scholarship as a private candidate?
    (b) Will I be eligible to avail your scholarship as a private candidate, if I get recommendation letters from the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS)?
    Looking forward to receiving a favorable reply from you.

    Ms. Archana Reddy

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