Posted by: Hendra Siry | 23 April, 2008

AIGRP Young Scholar Workshop 2008

Australia Indonesia Governance Research Partnership (AIGRP) will organize the Young Scholars Workshop 2008. This workshop is designed to encourage a new generation of prospective researchers from Indonesia and Australia (especially Honours and post-graduate students). Funding is available on a competitive basis to bring young scholars together with established researchers and to present summaries of their research.

The workshop will be held annually at the same time as the AIGRP Policy Research Forum. In 2008 the Young Scholars Workshop will be held in December in Jakarta. Participants in the Young Scholars Workshop will also have an opportunity to observe the Policy Research Forum.

Applications for the 2008 Young Scholars Workshop close 31 May 2008. Dowload application in PDF and Word formats.



  1. Please forward this information to my Research Team on the Stengthening Governence project, Prof Thabrany, Dr Yaslis Ilyas, Dr Iredlae and Mr Hadjiev,

    We have 6 scholars from UI involved in our Project currently, Stephanie

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