Posted by: Hendra Siry | 22 April, 2008

Internship at the World Bank Jakarta Office

World Bank’s Jakarta office is now looking to have some excellent masters and PhD students work with us for a couple of months this northern summer on some interesting projects.

This June through August, several sections with the World Bank Jakarta office’s Poverty Reduction and Economic Management team are proposing smaller, self-contained projects for the right internship candidate. Several of these projects have the potential to expand into shorter theses. All projects offer the opportunity to work with technically sophisticated experts in the relevant field, grappling with the inputs to vital policy analyses for a rapidly evolving economy and the world’s largest Muslim country.

Interested candidates should directly email the relevant project coordinator expressing their interesting the project, by the end of April.

Candidates are asked to attach their CV and a paragraph or two describing their interest in the nominated project and the skills they would bring.

They must also state whether they have registered on the Bank’s internship database. Interns will receive payment in line with the Bank’s remuneration policies.

The projects:

1. Establishing an infrastructure and framework for macroeconomic projections.

The WB Jakarta office is seeking to enhance its medium- and long-term forecasting infrastructure. This internship opportunity would relate to one of several elements of this program: 

  • assessing forecasting properties of various potential leading indicators; or
  • generating small econometric models of variables of central interest, such as the CPI, BoP exports, or a major GDP expenditure item.

These projects demand an aptitude for macroeconomic analysis and a familiarity with time series data and econometrics, especially in a context of limited data histories, concerns about data quality, and significant and relatively recent structural breaks.


2. Firm-level determinants of energy efficiency

The objective of the study will be to understand the firm-level determinants of energy efficiency. Using the SI (Indonesian firm-level survey covering all manufacturing firms with more than 20 employees). Two questions for reseraching are:

  • do firms in the same sector show different level of efficiency in terms of their energy usage? 
  • What does explain these differences and what are the main characteristics of “energy efficient” firms?

The work will involve:

  • desk review of articles related to issue of energy efficiency and firm-level performance,
  • micro-econometric analysis using STATA,
  • interview and case studies.

Skills: general knowledge of literature on firms performance, environmental issues and energy efficiency (desirable), good knowledge of STATA (essential), intermediate knowledge of statistics and econometrics (essential), previous experience of working with large firm-level or household level dataset (desirable) 


3. Distributional impact analysis of localized natural disasters in Indonesia

The objective of the study will be to observe the impact of exogenous shocks on household-level
determinants of poverty. Examples of exogenous shocks: rainfall intensity/ drought intensity/ storm intensity (the specific variables/determinants will be selected based on data availability). Examples of determinants of poverty: per capita consumption, income level, employment patterns, health expenditure. Using SUSENAS and IFLS (Indonesian household and family-life surveys), the questions are:

  • Are there differences in the consumption/income levels among households in the region affected by the external shock?
  • What explains those differences?

The work will involve:

  • desk review of articles related to exogenous shocks and household/per capita consumption ,
  • micro-econometric analysis using STATA, (c) qualitative research with government
    counterparts into potential policy options to address the identified effects of the weather shocks.

Needed: high interest in the topic, general knowledge of the relevant literature, good knowledge of STATA (essential), intermediate knowledge of statistics and econometrics (essential), ability to write in English well.




  1. Dear Pak Hendra,

    Saya mahasiswa SGU jurusan managemen ingin menanyakan apakah Bapak mengetahui tempat di mana saya bisa melakukan internship pada pertengahan bulan Mei hingga pertengahan Agustus 2011?

    Terima kasih.

  2. Dear Mr. Hendra,

    I am Ratih, a student of Faculty of Economic University of Indonesia, majoring in accounting with concentration in finance. Now, I am taking my 6th semester of Bachelor Degree Program and it will last until the end of May. I have an interest to be involved in World Bank programs and I want to offer a question to you that is there any World Bank summer internship program for students like me?

    Thank you

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