Posted by: Hendra Siry | 9 April, 2008

SIDA Environmental Governance Training

The Swedish EPA will introduce an international training programme on “Environmental Governance and Management in the Public Sector”. Initially, policy and decision makers from five countries in the South East Asia and China will be invited to participate.

The deadline for applications is April 18, 2008.

Date and time:
Part 1: September 2008
Part 2: April 2009

Part 1: Stockholm, Sweden
Part 2: Asia (to be decided later)

The training programme has been commissioned by SIDA and is part of its series of training programmes (International Training Programme, ITP). Participants come from the environmental and other relevant/related authorities in China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). Representatives from non-governmental organisations and representatives from the private sector are also welcome to participate.

The programme will focus on modern environmental policy and its implementation, how to build a sound and efficient environmental administration, what policy instruments are available and how to use them, the importance of integrating environmental concerns into other policy sectors etc. A central part of the programme is participants’ own projects (“project for change”), which are aimed at facilitating organizational changes within participants’ home organizations/institutions.

This is a four-week training programme, starting September 15 ending October 10, 2008. It will be followed by one-week gathering in the Spring of 2009, in one of the participating countries.

Content and approach:
The programme will focus on environmental policy and administration.
Tendencies and trends in environmental policy and administration will be examined with particular examples from Sweden and the EU. This includes a review of the establishment of public agencies for environmental protection, the growth of the environmental movement, the analysis of present institutions and environmental policy instruments as well as the influence of international agreements.

The programme will examine and evaluate current approaches to pollution control and resource management as well as regulatory strategies, including economic instruments and other market mechanisms, voluntary emission reductions, regulatory negotiations and public discourse requirements. It will help the participants to understand the function and implementation of economic policy measures for environmental protection. It will also explain how various management tools such as audits, environmental impact assessments, risk assessments, etc. are used.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Attn. Barbara Hessel
Valhallavägen 195
SE -106 48 Stockholm, Sweden
Telephone: +46-8-698 10 75
Telefax: +46-8-698 15 04
E-mail: barbara.hessel@ naturvardsverket .se

More information and application form:

Information folder (länk till pdf)

Application form (länk till pdf)



  1. Lg pengen improve my self, coba search training gratis di LN di GOOgle eh ada website bang Hendra…apa kbr bang…?.


  2. I am very much interested to attain nthe SIDA Marine Fisheries Traning programme

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