Posted by: Hendra Siry | 3 March, 2008

Training course: Towards participatory fisheries management

Wageningen University and Research Centre offers training course Towards participatory fisheries management which will beheld in Wageningen on 20 Oct 2008 – 7 Nov 2008. In this training course cases of fisheries co-management will be analysed to determine the conditions for success. The implications of choosing for this approach will be examined, and the toolbox available to the fisheries manager to regulate fishing effort will be discussed.

Government-led, centralised fisheries management has only been successful in some large-scale fisheries. It has seldom been successfully applied in small-scale fisheries, particulary not in countries with a large small-scale fishing sector and with limited means and manpower for management. A greater role of resource users in design, implementation and enforcement of fishing management regulations (the co-management approach) has been advocated as a way forward.

Fee: € 2850
Application deadline with NFP funding: 1 June 2008
Application deadline with other funding : 20 September 2008

For more information and application:

Download brochure (Word)
Download brochure (PDF)
Enroll online
Download application form (Word)

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  1. I am qulified in Agricultural Extension and am working in the field of Fisheries Co-management

    I intend to enrich my know-how in the field of Fisheries Co-management.

    In this regard the training on “Towards participatory fisheries management” could be helpful.

    However, arranging the training fee is difficult.
    Please help me this regard.

    With best regards


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