Posted by: Hendra Siry | 2 March, 2008

Training Course: Fisheries data collection and analysis

Wageningen University and Research Centre offers training course on fisheries data collection and analysis which will be held on 29 Sep 2008 – 17 Oct 2008 in Wageningen.  Information about fishers, catch, effort, fish stocks, processing and trade form the basis for policy choices, management plans and evaluation. When not the sector, but the whole aquatic ecosystem is the object to be managed, also information about the impacts of fishing on other, non-target components of the aquatic ecosystem needs to be collected and analysed.

In this course participants will learn to appraise what information is essential (both socio-economic and fisheries science information). Techniques to collect socio-economic information will be taught, and participants are guided to develop a more analytical attitude towards fisheries data and catch/effort information.

Fee: € 3200

Application deadline with NFP funding: 1 June 2008
Application deadline with other funding : 29 August 2008

For more information and application:

Download brochure (Word)
Download brochure (PDF)
Enroll online
Download application form (Word)

Overview Wageningen International Courses 2008



  1. I wish to inquire of your training course on fisheries data collection and analysis. I tried to download the form online, but was told that I am not allowed to view the page.

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