Posted by: Hendra Siry | 1 March, 2008

Oceanic Connections: The 2nd Conference of AAAPS

The 2nd Conference of the Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies (AAAPS) will be held at the Coombs Building and Coombs Extension, the Australian National University, Canberra, April 18-20 2008.

The AAAPS was catalyzed by the International Centre for Excellence in Asia-Pacific Studies in late 2004 and formally established in 2006 to provide a peak body for all Australian Pacific scholars. The intensity and diversity of Pacific research in Australia was showcased at the association’s inaugural conference at QUT in Brisbane in January 2006. The AAAPS aims are to promote the international excellence of Australian research and teaching in Pacific Studies and to play an advocacy role with Government, NGOs, schools, business, media and universities. AAAPS promotes Pacific Studies and its component disciplines at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and the role of Australian repositories in the collection, preservation of and access to Pacific Island research, cultural and historical materials. AAAPS encourages excellence in the teaching of Pacific Studies through professional development programs for university teachers and specifically the study of Australia-Pacific Island relations.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Oceanic Connections” focusing on networking and integrating Pacific Studies research, education and outreach in Australia and internationally. The conference will also discuss developments across Pacific Islander communities in Australia, New Zealand and the islands including the work of NGO, church and sports groups, arts collectives and online communities. The gathering coincides with the start of course offerings in transdisciplinary Pacific Studies at the postgraduate and undergraduate levels at the ANU and the launch of “Learning Oceania” in the Pacific Centre in the College of Asia and the Pacific. The range of themes includes:

  1. Governance – communities, capacities, states, nations, security
  2. Subjectivities – gender, race, class, sexualities, cultural identities
  3. Representations – histories, literature, film, collections, visual arts
  4. Ideas & practices – ideologies, languages, epistemologies, spiritualities
  5. Boundaries – crossings, settlement, diasporas, regionalism, indigenous Australian and Pacific Islander relations 
  6. Economies – commodities, poverty, aid, trade, sustainable development 
  7. Performances – media, performing arts, popular culture, oral traditions 
  8. Environments- islands, atolls, oceans, resources
  9. Education- teaching, learning, research and training in Pacific Studies

The conveners are:

Katerina Teaiwa:

Stewart Firth:

Margaret Jolly:

More information on registration and accommodation is available at



  1. I attended the Pacific three day conference in April, and I remember something being said about papers or reports being sent out by email later. I’ve not received anything to date, am I too early?
    – Dennis Nicholls

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