Posted by: Hendra Siry | 4 February, 2008

SBS Documentary on Indonesia

A Documentary Series on Indonesia is starting this week on SBS. It might of interest to anyone with an interest in Indonesia and Australia-Indonesia relations. The documentary series Indonesia: A Reporter’s Journey”  by Mike Carlton, former Indonesian correspondent and veteran commentator, explore Australia’s complex relationship with it’s northern neighbour in a CUTTING EDGE three-hour series special.

Tuesday 5th Feb, 2008
Episode 1 – A Difficult Engagement.
A Difficult Engagement looks at the period after WWII when Australia supported Indonesia’s struggle for independence from the Dutch to the time when Australian troops fought against Indonesian troops in Borneo. This was the Sukarno era and Mike was posted in Jakarta during final years of Indonesia’s first president as General Suharto gradually usurped his power.

Tuesday 12th Feb, 2008
Episode 2 – Most Unlikely Partners.
Most Unlikely Partners covers to 30 years of Suharto rule when Australia embraced the strong man of Asia despite his abuse of human rights and his family’s corruption. Huge numbers of Australians also embraced Bali. But regional stability was the overall mantra and General Suharto and his New Order government provided it.

Tuesday 19th Feb, 2008
Episode 3 – At All Costs.
At All Costs examines the tumultuous post Suharto years of terrorism, tsunami’s, and the smuggling of drugs and people when it became clear to Australia that we had no choice but to commit to the relationship – our mutual security being inextricably linked.


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