Posted by: Hendra Siry | 31 January, 2008

Internship Opportunity at CTA

Support to the spread of “good practice” in generating, managing, analysing and communicating spatial information

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), an international organisation based in Wageningen, The Netherlands, is pleased to offer a 6+6 month internship opportunity. The vacancy is open and the selected candidate will begin his/her internship at CTA as soon as possible. The intern will work in a challenging and innovative multi-cultural environment.

Project summary

CTA is spearheading a series of initiatives aimed at sharing experiences, identifying gaps, building on intra-agency synergies to support the spread of good practice in the field of participatory mapping. CTA supports the development of regional networks of practitioners, activists and researchers engaged in participatory mapping practice. In 2005 CTA co-organised the international conference Mapping for Change, and a number of related follow-up activities in partnership with international and regional development organisations. Practitioners, activists and researchers identified the lack of training materials in the domain of participatory mapping as a major constraint in the spread of good practice.

A project, co-funded by CTA, IFAD and the Ford Foundation, Brazil will directly address this weakness by producing a modular, multimedia, multilingual training kit. The kit will offer essential building blocks from which trainers will design and build their own workshops according to the training needs of their audience.

The widespread adoption and deployment of the product is expected to ensure that indigenous and other marginalised communities are effective in documenting, representing, and communicating their spatial knowledge, while taking a high degree of control over the process. Good practice will add value and authority to local knowledge, facilitate inter-generational knowledge exchange, contribute to building and supporting a cohesive community identity, as well as support sustainable planning through collaborative decision-making.

The project – coordinated by CTA – will be implemented via both a core and a consultative group constituted by qualified development professionals residing and operating in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe and North America.

Duties of the intern in the context of the project

Working closely with the Project Coordinator (who will act as mentor), the intern will carry out the following tasks related to project implementation:

  1. Assist in project coordination;
  2. Assist the core and consultative groups in networking and collaborating remotely using Web applications;
  3. Assist in managing content produced by subject matter specialists;
  4. Contribute to content (text and multimedia) production or elaboration depending on his or her professional background.


    • University degree in development-related disciplines, education and or communication sciences;
    • Maximum 30-year old;
    • Recently graduated with a maximum professional experience of 2 years.
    • Familiar with African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP), and Latin American countries.
    • Fluent in written and spoken English; ability to work in other languages (French, Spanish or Portuguese) would be an advantage.
    • Proficient in Information and Communication technologies.
    • Good organisation, inter-personal and communication skills.
    • National of either a European Union member state or one of the 79 ACP (Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific) States. In the latter case you should already reside in the European Union as CTA will not consider any applicant who needs to obtain a visa and/or a residence permit in Europe.

Interested candidates should submit the documents listed below to and enter the following text in the email subject field: [pgis-tk internship application]

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Copy of the university degree(s)
  3. One-page letter explaining why the candidate considers he/she is in a position to successfully contribute to project implementation, what he/she expects to gain from the internship and the date of earliest availability
  4. Two letters of recommendation and/or references.

Project Coordinator:

Mr. Giacomo Rambaldi
Senior Programme Coordinator
Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)
PO Box 380
6700AJ Wageningen
The Netherlands

Note: More CTA Internship opportunities are posted here



  1. I have a first degree in sociology and a master degree in project consultant and community Advisory.I am interseted in your information.

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