Posted by: Hendra Siry | 29 January, 2008

The 5th International Symposium of Jurnal Antropologi Indonesia

In line with David C. Korten’s insightful vision and visionary book entitled “the Post-Corporate World – Life After Capitalism” published in 1999, the Department of Anthropology Unicersity of Indoensia will conduct the 5th International Symposium of Jurnal Antropologi Indonesia to be held in July, 2008. The symposium will focus on the following theme: “The Future of Indonesia: Sustainable Development and Local Initiatives in the Post Capitalist Era.”

The Steering Committee of this international symposium has been trying to identify potential panel titles which may be the guidance for paper authors. This is an open ended list since it may be extended through whenever there is suggestion to add more titles which are considerably relevant. The current potential panel titles are:

  1. Towards better future of Indonesia (for keynote speeches)
  2. Good governance and bureaucracy reformation
  3. Social capital, local initiatives, and social movements
  4. Strengthening local market economics and their networks
  5. Better political parties and movements for better future
  6. Trade agreements, the rights of people, and the environment
  7. Change, resistance, and conflicts
  8. Redefining rural-urban boundaries and its practical implications
  9. Linking local initiatives to national and global interests
  10. Environmental degradation, pollution, and health
  11. Renewable and recovery of natural resources for people through mutual cooperation
  12. Gender, environment, and social movements
  13. Traditional cultures, conservation, and tourism

Other suggested titles are welcome.

Deadline for:

Call for abstract paper 15 March 2008
Abstract reviewed 15 April 2008
Accepted abstract 22 April 2008
Paper submission 15 June 2008
Early bird registration Before 30 April 2008
Late bird registration 1 May – 15 July 2008



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