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ADB Institute Visiting Researcher Program


In pursuit of its aim to foster high quality and policy-relevant research in ADB’s developing member countries, ADBI offers a limited number of places for fixed-term Visiting Researchers. These places are intended to allow researchers to work in Tokyo on a topic of mutual interest to ADBI and the researchers themselves.


Researchers with an established record of research on issues of economic development in the region and who are nationals of an ADB developing member country are eligible to apply.


Researchers are engaged by ADBI as independent contractors, generally for a maximum of six months. During their period in ADBI researchers will normally work on an agreed research project under the direction of the Research Director. They will usually work on a research paper deliverable within an agreed timeframe for dissemination by ADBI as well as undertake other agreed project-related activities, if appropriate. Please note that these positions are intended for research in Tokyo.

Researchers should bring with them all data which are required for them to conduct their research. ADBI does not normally provide additional funding to cover fieldwork expenses outside Tokyo associated with the selected research topics.

During their stay in Tokyo, Visiting Researchers will receive an honorarium at internationally competitive rates plus accommodation and subsistence allowances.

ADBI Research Areas

Current ADBI research interests are in poverty reduction, regional cooperation, and private sector development. Proposals that focus on infrastructure-related topics in one of our three priority areas will receive priority. The box below indicates examples of the range of infrastructure topics in which ADBI is interested.

BOX: Indicative List of Topics for Visiting Researchers

  • Do infrastructure bottlenecks hamper trade and investment in Asia?
  • Infrastructure in Asia: Where will the money come from?
  • Does infrastructure determine production chains across Asia?
  • FDI in infrastructure in Asia.
  • Infrastructure and human needs: forecasts of the demand for infrastructure.
  • How do structures of infrastructure markets vary across the region?
  • Regulatory practices: lessons from the rest of the world.
  • Regulatory practices: different approaches in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Pricing issues and subsidies.
  • How do infrastructure pricing policies affect national budgets?
  • Maintenance in infrastructure; what can be done about neglect of maintenance?
  • Equity and poverty aspects: how to ensure that infrastructure benefits the poor.
  • Governance and management in infrastructure.
  • What are the prospects for private-public partnerships?
  • What can be done to provide infrastructure for rural development?
  • Infrastructure in small island countries.
  • Tendering and infrastructure across Asia: how can policies be improved?
  • Macroeconomic issues: How growth increases demand for infrastructure; How supply bottlenecks in infrastructure hamper overall growth.

Application Procedures

What to submit

Applicants should submit a research proposal (a maximum of 1500 words) for work in one of these areas, and a curriculum vitae setting out their past research record.

The research proposal should include

  • a 100-word summary at the beginning of the proposal
  • research objectives and issue to be addressed
  • a brief review of the relevant literature
  • sources of data to be used
  • the methodology to be applied
  • expected contribution of the research, including relevance for policymakers
  • plans for dissemination

An ADBI selection panel meets at least twice a year and judges applications competitively. The criteria applied will include

  • clarity and technical competence of the research proposal
  • feasibility of the work in the time available
  • the applicant’s demonstrated research experience achievements and capacity to write effectively in English
  • relevance of the work to economic policy either in the researcher’s country or more generally
  • feasibility and effectiveness of dissemination plans

We particularly encourage women researchers from ADB developing member countries to apply.

How to submit

Applications may be sent via:

  1. E-mail to our Research Group using this online form.
  2. Fax: + 813 3593 4270, marked to the attention of the Director of Research
  3. Mail:Director of Research
    Asian Development Bank Institute
    Kasumigaseki Building 8 Floor
    3-2-5 Kasumigaseki
    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-6008

For further inquiries, contact our research group.


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