Posted by: Hendra Siry | 16 January, 2008

The World Ocean Observatory: A Forum for Ocean Affairs

The World Ocean Observatory was created to provide a universally accessible, Internet-based place of exchange for information and educational services about the ocean, and public discourse about the future of the ocean and its implication for human survival.

The Observatory incorporates

  • THE CULTURAL OCEAN, a survey of maritime arts, cultural manifestations and research tools;
  • THE PHYSICAL OCEAN, including the UN Atlas of the Oceans, UNESCO Ocean Portal, NOAA, NASA, Census of Marine Life, climate, and other useful sites;
  • THE WORLD OCEAN DIRECTORY, an indexed network of more than 18,500 organizations worldwide with ocean interests;
  • THE WORLD OCEAN FORUM, a digest of breaking news, monthly letter, publications, exhibits, and media; and
  • FORUM EVENTS, which includes dynamic, media-rich sites on critical ocean topics.
    All services of the World Ocean Observatory are available to users at no cost. To subscribe to the newsletter or access information, go to:


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