Posted by: Hendra Siry | 16 January, 2008

Call For Nominators: Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation

Each year the Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation selects a unique group of global leaders in marine conservation to serve as nominators for fellowship candidates. These nominators assist in identifying candidates for the fellowship who are doing innovative work in marine conservation around the world.The Pew Fellows Program is seeking nominators from diverse geographic, discipline/specialization and institutional background, as well as from a broad range of professions, including the physical and social sciences, law, economics, education, engineering, arts, communications, marine-related industries, and the policy realm.

If you would like to recommend a nominator for the Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation, it is essential to provide the following information about that person:

1. Name, title, institution and degree
2. Address and contact information (phone, fax, and email)
3. Discipline and area of specialization (including geographic focus, if applicable)
4. Approximately one paragraph about why the individual would be a good nominator (this is essential!).

You may submit yourself as a potential nominator (excluding previous nominators and those with active Pew fellowships). If selected, nominators will be asked to provide names and letters of reference for two candidates of their choice.

Please submit your recommendations to by 23 January 2008.

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