Posted by: Hendra Siry | 14 January, 2008

Thailand 2009: An International Perspective on Environmental and Water Resources Conference



Submission Deadline: April 4, 2008

Download Call for Papers Brochure

SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT NOW! – Conference Topics include:


Global Climate Change: Effect on Environment and Water Resources
Global Warming: Cause, Effect and Solutions
Tsunami: Impact on Environment and Water Resources
Weather Modification


Aquifer-Storage-Recovery and Artificial Recharge of Aquifers
Conflict Resolution in Interstate and International Water Disputes
Integrated Management: Environment and Water Resources
Inter-basin Transfer of Water
Irrigation Management and Land Reclamation
Other Relevant Topics
Privatization and Pricing in the Water Sector
River Basin Management
Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers
Socioeconomic Issues in Water Resources Development
Urban Watersheds and Stormwater Management
Water Management for Food Security and Sustainable Rural Development
Water Supply and Sanitation in Non-urban Areas
Wetlands Restoration and Protection


Addressing Widespread Arsenic Contamination in Aquifers
Advancement in Air Treatment Technologies
Ecological Modeling
Environmental Modeling and Assessment
Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment
Innovative Technologies in Hazardous Waste Management
Management of Contaminated Aquifers
Prevention of Disasters from Industrial Facilities
Radioactive Waste Management including Transborder Shipments
Solid Waste Management

Thailand 2009: An International Perspective on Environmental and Water Resources Conference is scheduled to be held January 5-7, 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand at the AIT Conference Centre. The conference will consist of a three-day technical program, inclusive of opening keynote session, a closing panel discussion session, and three concurrent technical session tracks in between the opening and closing sessions. The conference will also include social and networking events as well as tours of Bangkok.

This conference will cover a wide variety of topics related to environmental and water resources. While technical sessions will include topics on both developed and developing countries, much of the focus of this conference will be on water resources and the environment in developing countries, especially in Asia and Africa. The emphasis will be focused on global effect of regional issues and solutions. Participants, including paper presenters and attendees, will include engineers, scientists, planners, economists, and legal professionals from all over the globe.

Abstracts should describe the theme and content of the proposed paper and should address one or more of the conference topics listed above or noted on the conference website. Abstracts should be submitted electronically via the conference website:

Thailand 2009 is being organized by the Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). Thailand 2009 is the second EWRI-led international conference which follows EWRI’s first successful international conference held in New Delhi, India in 2006 jointly with IIT (Kanpur). EWRI is planning a third international conference which is scheduled to be held in 2010 in Chennai, India where EWRI will work jointly with IIT a second time.



  1. Water Resources and Hydrology

  2. Thanks

  3. global warming,climate change all these phenomenons are todays real worried about the water we it safe?if it is then how far it is safe? im talking about arsenic. the hidden monster that enters our body and gradually ruins you without any notice.i am a student of dhaka university nutrition department. and it really frightens me that bangladeshis are in danger.not only that most of south asian countries could be in danger too. just waiting for that one truly responsible hand who would hold it strongly

  4. Please visit our site

  5. Kindly let me posted in the announcements.I am a marine biologist from India with lot of data on zoopankton and clomate change and also on Tsunami .Please inform me whether financial grant will be available to present paper because now I am retired and is a consultant only.

  6. May I know another conference related to civil engineering field. I want to submit my research paper.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am preparing a paper titled ” The challenges of utilising underground water for irrigation, a case study of sonjela irrigation scheme in Malawi”

    Would you please advise if I could be allowed to attend this conference if funds grants / funds are available to sponsor me.

  8. we work with arsenic affected people in india.
    its good to hear abt this progm.


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