Posted by: Hendra Siry | 11 January, 2008

EarthCorps Training Course

International Participants

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Jen and Ruth move logs with the grip-hoist

EarthCorps seeks emerging environmental leaders from around the world to take part in a six-month training program! This training program is ideal for the volunteers or staff of organizations that work with youth and the environment. Qualified partner orgaizations work on the following issues:

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Chrislaine and Nisa cut fabric for plant suppression

  • Environmental restoration (ie. erosion control, reforestation, construction of hiking trails, stream-work, etc)
  • Environmental education and youth leadership
  • Eco-tourism and environmental business development
  • Land protection and preservation

Program Description

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Corpsmembers work outdoors rain or shine

EarthCorps offers a six-month training course in Seattle, Washington that brings emerging environmental leaders from across the U.S. and around the world. Participants learn the fundamentals of leadership, community building and environmental service.

Training Description
Service: (32 hours a week, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm) Participants take part in environmental restoration projects, such as tree-planting, trail construction, stream restoration, and erosion control. Projects are located in urban and rural areas throughout western Washington State. Participants work in crews of five; each crew is supervised by a crew leader.

View a day in the life of an EarthCorps Corpsmember

Schedule and Responsibilities: Participants are required to volunteer 32 hours each week. Some field projects involve overnight camping for up to 10 days.

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Chema and his homestay Jim enjoy the ride

Training and Orientation: Participants will take part in an intensive orientation at the beginning of the program. Additional on-site training and educational workshops are provided throughout the program. The program closes with an evaluation and planning retreat.

EarthCorps international participants will receive:

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Ivan works with Seattle youth to remove blackberry

EarthCorps charges no fees for international participants. Limited travel scholarships and subsidies are made available to exceptional candidates, covering 30% of transportation costs up to $500.

Special Requirements
EarthCorps has established the following minimum criteria to be considered for the program:

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Team-building at an EarthCorps retreat
  • Age between 18 and 25
  • Support from a sponsoring organization
  • 4 year college degree and 1 year of work experience in the environmental field -OR- 5 years of work experience in the environmental field

Participants are responsible for paying all travel expenses, including U.S. visa costs, before arriving at the EarthCorps program. EarthCorps provides U.S. visa support.

Country: USA
City: Seattle/King County
State: Washington (note: not Washington, DC)

How to Apply
Qualified candidates should work with their organization to complete the International Partner Organization Form and Candidate Nomination form. We strongly recommend that applicants submit materials by email to avoid international mail delays. Additional application materials will be emailed to individual applicants once an organizational affiliation has been established. To submit your forms, or for more information, contact: Mark Howard, International Program Manager at

View recent international partner projects in the Philippines, Russia, Guatemala, Mexico and Ecuador



  1. My Organization want to be a partner of Earthcosrps.

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