Posted by: Hendra Siry | 1 January, 2008

Second International Conference – CoastLab08

Physical model experiments in coastal engineering are fundamental for developing the necessary tools to design port and coastal protections, and to predict such important phenomena as wave climates, coastal hydrodynamics, coastal flooding, sea wave patterns, sediment transport circulation patterns, beach erosion and shoreline protection.The Second International Conference on the Application of Physical Modelling to Port and Coastal Protection – CoastLab08, will take place July 2-5, 2008 at the Faculty of Engineering of the Technical University of Bari, Italy.

The first and only CoastLab held was in Porto, Portugal in 2006, organized by the Hydraulics and Water Resources Institute of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. 
With over 125 participants from 28 countries worldwide, CoastLab’06 provided extremely worthwhile networking possibilities that have already resulted in several co-operation breakthrough opportunities; such as, the launching of the network for small and medium coastal engineering laboratories – CoastLab network, born under the auspices of the University of Porto, Portugal and the University of Coruña, Spain ,is its most prominent example.

The CoastLab’08 Organizing Committee seeks to continue the aims of providing a general forum for enhancing interdisciplinary interactions, dialogue, and cooperation among scientists interested in physical coastal modelling, as well as laboratory equipment suppliers. The topics addressed at the conference will be at the forefront of scientific research and interdisciplinary on physical coastal modelling related issues.

The conference organization scheme will provide the opportunity for the participants to present their work and products, as well as to meet informally for discussions at the highest level on the most recent developments in the conference related fields of research, including equipment products. Furthermore, it will act as a catalyst for creating new synergistic contacts throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

The conference welcomes all involved in coastal modelling and strongly encourages the participation of researchers from the coastal sciences, engineers and those working with laboratory equipment suppliers. Apart from parallel sessions with prominent speakers, the conference will also have a technical exhibition which will provide an excellent opportunity to show and to get to know the most recent developments in specialized survey, measurement and calibration equipment for coastal research laboratories


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