Posted by: Hendra Siry | 28 December, 2007

Yayasan Pelangi Publications

Yayasan Pelangi has prepared a series of papers to celebrate 15 years of Pelangi’s work. These papers are a result of three discussions involving various stakeholders covering Pelangi’s working areas: climate change, energy, and transportation.

Yayasan Pelangi also published Kyoto Protocol: Beyond 2012 in 2004 which focus on “what to do beyond 2012”? Several important questions are disscused such as:

  • Will industrialized countries lead?
  • Can EU provide credible leadership for climate policy?
  • What are the views for Japan?
  • What about the US with their non-Kyoto efforts?
  • And, what about the developing countries?
  • How can the negotiation on “beyond 2012” commence smoothly, given developing countries are rather reluctant to start?
  • What are the current discussion in the developing countries? And Indonesia?

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