Posted by: Hendra Siry | 27 December, 2007

International Marine Conservation Congress

International Marine Conservation Congress, “Making Marine Science Matter,”  will be held on 20-24 May, 2009 in Washington D.C., USA. The Marine Section of the Society for Conservation Biology is hosting the first International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC) from 20-24 May 2009 at George Mason University near Washington D.C. IMCC is aimed at advancing marine conservation by facilitating discussion among scientists, managers and policy makers and developing science-based products that inform policy change and implementation. Major themes are:

  • Global Climate Change
  • Land-Sea Interface
  • Poverty and Globalization
  • Ecosystem-based Management

IMCC will serve as the 2nd International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC2) and maintain the scope and vision of IMPAC1 (held in Geelong, Australia in October 2005).

To address the most pressing marine conservation issues, IMCC will hold exciting plenary talks and solicit creative submissions for contributed presentations, symposia and workshops. Confirmed plenary speakers include: Dr. Daniel Pauly, Dr. Ratana Chuenpangdee, Dr. Rod Fujita, and Alexandra Cousteau. Dr. Callum Roberts will be giving the Dr. Ransom A. Myers Memorial Lecture at the banquet.

During interactive symposia and workshops, we will challenge participants to go beyond one-way communication. Each of these sessions will address specific topics within major themes and develop innovative solutions to current conservation challenges. Symposium organizers will invite a select group of speakers and devise creative ways to facilitate discussion. Workshops will consist of multi-disciplinary teams focused on crafting policy and management recommendations, briefings, white papers or peer-reviewed publications.

Please check the IMCC website  for updates, information and volunteer opportunities. The call for papers, symposia and workshop will be announced in early 2008.


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