Posted by: Hendra Siry | 18 December, 2007

Buku “Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change”

Buku Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change karya Professor John Schellnhuber CBE yang pernah memberikan kuliah umum di ANU, bisa didownload gratis melalui situs DEFRA.  

Sedikit info tentang buku tersebut:

Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change

The Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change book consolidates the scientific findings of the Exeter conference and gives an account of the most recent developments on critical thresholds and key vulnerabilities of the climate system, impacts on human and natural systems, emission pathways and technological options of meeting different stabilisation levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.The book focuses on three crucial questions:

  1. For different levels of climate change what are the key impacts, for different regions and sectors, and for the world as a whole?
  2. What would such levels of climate change imply in terms of greenhouse gas stabilisation concentrations and emission pathways required to achieve such levels?
  3. What technological options are there for achieving stabilisation of greenhouse gases at different stabilisation concentrations in the atmosphere, taking into account costs and uncertainties?

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