Posted by: Hendra Siry | 18 December, 2007

Adrian Siry on the Net

The University’s youngest political researchers visit Parliament House

Adrian ANU is renowned for its political science research and teaching. And if a recent visit by some very young students is anything to go by, you can never start learning about politics too early.

Nineteen students from the University Preschool and Childcare Centre were greeted by Senator Natasha Stott Despoja (or ‘Natasha the Destroyer’ as she was renamed by the students) for a tour of the Senate, House of Representatives and The Great Hall. Following an explanation of the political process, the students were able to view portraits of past Prime Ministers and the Queen. Other highlights included spotting fossilized crabs and fish in marble foyer, and viewing the huge Australian flag from below.

The tour proved to be very informative, and was a great opportunity for the students to see first-hand where national decisions are made. As a result of their newfound political knowledge, the students are planning an in-class election between John Howard and Kevin Rudd – elections issues including the Wiggles vs. Hi-5. Voting takes place next week.

Overall, a very successful day for ANU’s budding political researchers.


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